Tech solutions for climate

Yvant builds systems to help solve the climate crisis. We collaborate with organisations who share our drive to create a thriving environment for future generations.

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Our services

We take our time to really understand your objectives and zoom out to see the big picture. Often a simple solution is the most effective. We don't use technology for its own sake. We're about delivering value and helping you achieve your goals.


We have broad and deep technical expertise in a range of languages, patterns, frameworks and best practices, and we're here to bring great climate solutions to life.


We design and build bespoke software systems, write infrastructure as code, help with cloud migration and digital transformation... in fact, there's a lot we can help with:

  • Devops & Automation
  • Research & Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • System Integration
  • Mentoring


We believe it is our responsibility to do everything possible to leave our children and all future generations with a healthy, thriving environment.

We leverage more than 40 years of combined professional, multidisciplinary expertise to support mission-aligned organizations, projects and programs to make this a reality.

We are committed to our vision. We are a worker cooperative, owned and controlled by our members. The profits we generate are invested in projects to support our mission.

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